How do I stop using the service?

There are no special action required, if you wish to stop using the service. However, if you plan on selling or transferring the ownership of the device to another user, please contact our customer care at (please include the device IMEI and PIN codes, which can be found on the side of the device, in to the message), in order for us to make sure the device will properly work with the new user.

If you are certain that you don't need the Snowfox service anymore and you wish all your information to be removed from the service, follow the instructions below.

  • If you have defined any Guardians (other than the Owner) to your device, you need to remove them first.
  • Remove the device from your user account; this will erase all the data related to the device from the service.

Removing the device: Choose device settings (step 1), Remove from service (step 2).


  • Remove you user account under account settings; this will erase all data related to your user account from the service.

Choose your user account settings (pic 1 below) and remove the account (pic 2 below).

choose_edit_account.png        delete_account.png

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