Guardian is a trusted person who is able to see device information but not able to change settings or add places.

Only device owner and guardians may call the device and dismiss the alerts. It’s possible to have 4 guardians for one device.

Guardian is always invited by device owner from device settings + Invite guardian

Choose the guardian from your contact list. Note: The guardian phone number must be in international format (starting with + and without the leading zero), so you may need to edit the number in your phone's contacts application.

You can also send an SMS about the invite to the guardian from the following pop-up dialog. SMS contains link to Google Play or App Store in case your guardian doesn’t already have the application. Guardian need to make an own account to approve the sent invitation.


Note: You can cancel a pending invite by choosing the invited guardian from the device's guardian and accepting the invite cancellation.


You may remove the guardian whenever you want by selecting the guardian from device settings view and in the guardian view, tap Remove. After removal the guardian is removed from the device's guardian list, and cannot see the device's information in the application.

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