Adding guardians to Snowfox

Snowfox owner may add up to four (4) guardians to Snowfox from the device settings + Invite guardian

In simple terms, a guardian is a read only account where as the owner (the one that registers the device initially to their account) has full access to edit the device information, geo fences, etc.

NOTE: The guardian’s phone number must be in an international format (starting with + and preceding with the country code, area code and the phone number itself). Country entry codes (e.g. 00, 002, 011, 010) do not work. Some common country codes are: 1 for United States and Canada, 44 for UK, 49 for Germany, 358 for Finland.

EXAMPLE: Phone number for US: +1 555 123 4567

You can also send a guardian invite via SMS. SMS contains a link to Google Play or App Store in case your guardian doesn’t already have the application.

NOTE: You can cancel a pending invite by choosing the invited guardian and accepting the invite cancellation.

You may also remove the guardian from the device settings. After removal, this person cannot see Snowfox’s information in his/her application anymore.

For more information and video guides click here.

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