Payment methods

Payment methods

You can use Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress credit or debit cards (incl. Visa Electron) for making the monthly payment.

The service is activated from the Snowfox Family mobile application (see Activate Data Plan). The charge is made from the card each month on the same day. Once a new card is activated, the system checks to see if the card is valid. Authorization hold is made normally 1 hour before the charge from the card.

Changing the card

You can update your card information or the change the used card by going to your Account Settings. Select your user name from the Main Menu (Anna Jensen in the picture below).

Select Payment info from the Account Settings. You will see a similar view as below.

Fill in all the information (incl. your name and email address) according to the new card. Selecting UPDATE, all the data is updated to our payment service.

The service will take care of making the payment each month and will make it from the card registered to the system at the moment of payment.

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