Snowfox Service in North America

We’ve had a pleasure of offering you the Snowfox service already for a year and a half. The first devices ordered from the Indiegogo campaign to USA and Canada were shipped at the end of December 2016. The feedback from you have been great and encouraging. Thank you for all the stories and messages you’ve shared with us.

However, we’ve had some challenges throughout our journey together. Despite the interest, we have not been able to find a reasonable resales solution for North America so far. There have also been difficulties with the mobile connection in some cases as e.g. AT&T has decided to ramp down parts of their network. Without a permanent presence locally, connectivity issues can be quite difficult to resolve. We feel that at this point we are not able to provide you the high-quality service we’d hope for.

All things considered, we’ve decided not to further develop the Snowfox service outside the Europe. What this means in practice is that you may continue to use the service as before, without a monthly fee. The support will be reduced though. You are still welcome to contact us in case you face any issues with the service, but we can not guarantee a prompt resolution. We promise to keep the service running until the end of year 2018.

Helpful information

If you decide not to use the Snowfox service anymore, there are couple things to consider. You should consider your local laws and practices for disposing of electronic equipment. Alternatively, you can send the device to us and we will take care of it. In this case, please contact us for more information. If you wish to erase all your personal information from the Snowfox service, please follow the instructions here:

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