Connection issues - resolved 5.10.2016 11:30

Update 5.10.2016 11:30

Some Finnish teleoperators had problems with their network yesterday and this caused issues with some of our devices. If you are still unable to call your device or don't see its location, you should try restarting the device. It is also possible that the device has shut down and you need to power it on.

If the call led blinks a short red light when pressing the button, your device is powered off. To power on the device, press the button for 2-3 seconds.

To Restart: hold down the button for 30 seconds.

If the battery has ran out, you might not see any lights when pressing the button. In this case plug the device into a charger.


The service is experiencing connection issues. We have noticed the problem at least in Oulu region. It is affecting phone calls, location update and all messaging between the Snowfox device and the mobile application.

We appologize the trouble this might cause and work hard to fix it as soon as possible.

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